A successful wedding always rhymes with a good buffet, a good atmosphere and pretty decorations for the greatest happiness of the bride and groom. The party in full swing is not necessarily the only element to make a union unforgettable. Why not show the guests a lot just with the invitations? For this, a personalized stamp for your wedding is ideal.

Special stationery for a special day

To make a wedding unique, the trick is to focus on the small details. This can be done by adding a touch of your own in the stationery, for example. From the invitations, through the menu, to the small thank you cards, you can leave your own imprint of that special day. With a personalized stamp for your wedding, you can also keep all those little things that will make very special memories for you and your loved ones. In addition to personalizing a wedding, creating a stamp is now a must have for any event.

The types of stamps to favour for a wedding

The stamp in daily use is only used for administrative paperwork. No more preconceived ideas: the stamp becomes trendy again to enhance the festivities. For a wedding, a personalized stamp is a sign of refinement. However, you have to know how to distinguish between the two types. The models used in administrations are often designed for intensive and daily use. They are in particular the date stamps, square stamps, or professional stamps. For a wedding the stamp to be favoured would be made of wood. In addition to the more aesthetic and noble side of the wood, it is compatible in several ink colours. If you prefer the practical side, opt for the pocket model which is more ergonomic.

Stamp design to match your decoration

Once you have chosen the stamp design, you must then decide which symbol will be marked on all your stationery. Although there are countless possibilities, in the spirit of coordination, you should match your decoration with the style of your stamp. For a country or classic wedding, the most suitable designs are those with contoured flower wreaths. Don't forget to write the date of the big day, for better legibility you can also opt to put only your initials with a rounded font. For more modernist weddings, why not enhance the whole with inscriptions with a more vintage design.