For one of the happiest days of your life, being surrounded by your loved ones is almost a must. And to invite family, friends and colleagues to your wedding, sending out the invitations is a must. It will not only provide information about the event (time, date, location, program, etc.), but will also allow guests to get an idea of the general atmosphere of the day. It will therefore be important to add a "touch of the unforgettable" to the invitation card. For a beautiful effect, hot stamping is THE ideal solution; and this for many reasons and 3 in particular.

Suitable for weddings

Marriage is one of the events in life that you want to mark with a white stone. In fact, it is customary to surround ourselves with the most important people in our lives to witness this memorable day. So everything must be perfect; starting with the invitations. The invitations must have a certain look and feel, and they too will have to make an impression. With the hot gilding it will be done. This type of personalization allows you to highlight the elements to be highlighted and to add an original decoration that will make the invitations stand out from the too classic invitations. This is a plus that is always appreciated to avoid falling into the commonplace. For an invitation with hot gilding contact directly the specialist This is a significant opportunity, especially with the amount of work involved in the preparations.

Elegant and refined effect

Invitations with hot stamping are not just invitations. It is almost a work of art that is, in a way, made by the bride and groom. Indeed, even if the main parties involved call upon a third party to print their invitations, it will still be up to them to give the instructions. Thus, the final rendering will be entirely in their image. It should be noted that gilding, wherever it is applied, will always add lustre that will bring a certain elegance that the usual impression cannot offer.

A wide variety of possibilities

With the invitation card with hot gilding, the bride and groom will have unique invitation cards. There is a wide choice of gold, silver or copper gilding. This will allow a perfect match with the theme and colours of the big day. A crucial point, especially when you know that the announcement will end up in the hands of the guests to, in a sense, confirm the holding of the ceremony. Note that the gilding can be applied to all the wedding stationery (reply cards, menus, labels, thank you cards, etc.); a kind of reminder (all in elegance) of the elements of the invitation.