What are the superpowers of an Emerald Stone

Emerald Stone

Emerald symbolizes hope and renewal. The emerald and its variety of green dress win against different jewels. It is thanks to its intensity and unique radiance that the emerald has become one of the most prized natural stones in jewelry. There are many mysteries about emerald. It brings effects on the one who wear it. It’s very important to discover the magical properties of the Emerald.

Emerald, the ambivalent stone

Emerald is a two-sided gemstone or ambivalent. It is a capricious and bizarre stone, sometimes favorable, sometimes evil, sometimes beneficial, especially to blondes.It protects sailors, crooks, traffickers. It can bring peace to the couple, but it can also bring bad luck if it is imbued with bad intentions. Emeralds behave like crystals. This precious stone absorbs the qualities and faults of the one who holds it in his hands. Offered, it can therefore be a poisoned gift. Like the opal, it is reputed to acquire the qualities, but also all the faults of the person who wears it, it requires loyalty. If you buy an emerald already worn, you risk inheriting the best but also the worst. You should never buy an emerald without knowing the identity and character of its former owner.

These minerals should also be cleaned and purified regularly. Because absorbing all emotions in its path, it obviously quickly takes charge of negative emotions, stress, and the vibrations of the disease. It should be recharged by placing it in the light of the sun and preferably on rose quartz or on an amethyst. The emerald stone is purified once It is immersing it in salt water, as with other magic stones like lapis lazuli. Clean under lukewarm running water, unload on hematites, load in direct sunlight, preferably around noon when the sun is strongest.

Emerald : stone of the knowledge

Tradition presents it as the “stone of knowledge”, the bearer of universal knowledge, a jewel that allows us to pierce the darkness of ignorance. The emerald favors amorous enterprises, ward off evil spells, deliver visible and invisible enemies. We also speak of the emerald table when referring to the quest for the Grail. This table provides information on the correspondence between microcosm and macrocosm. The emerald stone promotes meditation, allowing access to universal knowledge, to other levels of consciousness. A raw emerald placed on the 6th chakra offers the person in question the lessons they have taken with them as a mission in this life. It gives answers from within to questions that come from without and presents a certain amount of adult wisdom. Emerald is one of the few stones that wants to come into contact with human beings, as long as one wants to listen to it. In mythology, it was carried by Lucifer, this fallen angel of light by God. On being sent back to Earth, Lucifer had the clumsiness of knocking her down and she shattered. Symbolically, this means that Lucifer at this time lost his intellectual and spiritual faculties. His knowledge, broken into several pieces, is scattered on Earth. And knowledge is sometimes linked to Evil by the Christian religion.

Clairvoyance : Effect of emerald gemstone

Emerald gemstone also gives access to telepathy, it would give visions. It is linked to unconscious knowledge and would make it reappear. Chance or not, the emerald has the property of allowing its owner to “see”. By using the word “seeing” we are not directly referring to seeing with the eyes, nor to clairvoyance, but to “seeing”, “perceiving”, “feeling” things and the world as that they really are. Under the influence of the emerald, the etheric body (or subtle body) becomes more receptive to the vibrations which flow through the Universe in all directions.

The person who wants to do this experiment can do it in two ways:

  • He puts on each closed eye a rough or polished emerald, and he feels in this state what the emerald can mean to him.
  • He put a raw emerald in a bowl of spring water for a whole night of twelve hours (from 18 to 6 hours). Then he soaks cotton balls in this emerald water. These washers are placed on closed eyelids twice a day for about 15 minutes.

The choice between the first and the second method is purely personal, but in both cases, it is in a meditative state that one can perceive the effects. Do not be surprised to find afterwards that the world looks different from what you had before your eyes before that, a world that was colored or clouded by your own interpretation. In meditative state, the emerald enriches the human being enormously. It shows him that life is joy, a process where there is no room for fear or for anguished behavior. Many people live in constant fear, perhaps even the fear of living, a fear of what is unknown around them but also of what is unknown in themselves.

During meditation, the emerald shows that life is like life itself, full of joy, warmth and wholeness and that there is no room for the load that people often create like a wall protection around them. Of course, life also has its disappointments, but from an objective point of view, these are often disappointments resulting from expectations that we project on life. The emerald lives its life like a magnificent crystal. Connect with the emerald during meditation and “see” what is in life, “feel” the joy of life and perceive the beauty that each human being is in their spiritual heart.

The powers of the emerald over health

The name has an ancient origin and so is the field of action of this stone. A true practitioner of litho therapy uses various emeralds and derivative products, elixirs, ointments, oils, water and powder. It should be noted that contemporary knowledge of emerald on the therapeutic level was preceded by more than 5,000 years of knowledge of the therapeutic effects of this stone. The emerald was like a guide that brought help when the human being faced a suffering which he seemed to be consciously seeking. The name emerald is very old. It comes from Latin, where the emerald was called “smaragdus”. This name itself came from “smaragdos” in ancient Greek. The two words mean the same thing, namely “green stone”. It calms the emotions, opens the heart chakra. It acts primarily on the lungs, heart and immune system. Emerald is known to promote fertility.The ancient Egyptians established a link between the emerald and the fertility goddess, Venus. This is why the woman wore this stone on her thigh both at the time of conception, or the hope of conception, and during childbirth. It can also help improve clairvoyance and generate astral dreams. Thanks to it, the symptoms related to depression will be alleviated. As emerald is the stone of spring and May, it can be expected to have rejuvenating and regenerative forces. Suggest to anyone who is afraid of old age and the physical degeneration that accompanies it to wear on the 4th chakra an emerald set in gold and to regularly rub with emerald oil the places where aging is the most visible.

On a physical level, emerald is beneficial for growth, balance, eyesight and fertility. It supports healthy kidneys and liver, bile ducts, bones and teeth, heart and immune system. It helps with liver disease, insect bites, high blood pressure, asthma, inflammation and jaundice, bacteriological or viral infections, wounds, angina, and plague. On an emotional and spiritual level, emerald helps to overcome bad mood and find the meaning of things. It supports research and the achievement of goals.

Emerald astrological correspondences

In Western astrology, it is traditionally associated with the signs of Cancer, Pisces and Taurus. It is also known to be beneficial for Aries. There are a lot of misunderstandings about which stones are attributed to a sign, some will be based on historical attribution according to periods of history and others will be based on the power of stones. In the latter case, it is possible to assign stones that reinforce the character traits of the sign or those helping to fill certain weaknesses. The natives of the sign of Capricorn are generally individualistic, ambitious, willful, orderly but also intolerant and have difficulty expressing their feelings. – Emerald ensures the integration of emotions and the maintenance of personal balance, it is the stone of harmony. Those born in the sign of Cancer are sensitive or even hypersensitive, they have a strong attachment to the home, are creative, cautious but also vulnerable and have little willpower. – Emerald helps ensure the integration of emotions, it also promotes physical and mental growth. The natives of the sign of Taurus like to master their life, have a great sense of reality, are conservative and can work until overwork. The Emerald helps to ensure the integration of his emotions.

The emerald is the birthstone of native people for the month of May. Emerald with its green color is attached to this beautiful and fresh month of May. The perfect embodiment of the new explosion of nature, the emerald is a wonderful accompaniment to this 5th month of the year. It’s why, parents buy it as birthstone at natural stone jewellery for them children.

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