In the world of fashion, the great designers are used to releasing their new collections at each change of season. These clothes are usually sold expensively and intended for a high-end clientele. However, in recent years, some major brands have been offering what are known as capsule collections. This is a line of clothing from these designers that is not part of a season's collections and is produced in fairly limited quantities. In the wedding dress sector, these collections also exist.

What are the particularities of the wedding dresses in a capsule collection?

The main peculiarity of the clothes that are part of a capsule collection is that they are less expensive whereas they are produced by a well-known designer. In order to be able to sell at this kind of price, the designer or stylist often associates himself with a sign of the general public who will make the dress. It is also possible that a capsule dress collection is not the result of this kind of association but rather within the framework of a specific event such as for example to mark the anniversary of a brand. Another peculiarity of capsule wedding dress collections is that they often consist of very simple dresses.

Who are the targets of this kind of products?

Who wouldn't want to have the most beautiful dress for their unique day? Indeed, every woman decides to buy her wedding dress according to its shape, price, the name of its creator and her budget. As for wedding dresses from a capsule collection, the targets are mainly women who are looking for a dress for their civil wedding. Because of the very simplistic side of the dress, it is ideal for a simple event such as the civil wedding ceremony. However, the bride benefits from the designer's fame even if she doesn't pay too much for the dress.

The designers who offer these collections

Recently, there are several designers who offer capsule collections of wedding dresses. Among these designers who have released collections in 2019 and who have partnered with major retailers, we can cite the following: Laure de Sagazan who has partnered with Monoprix, Elise Hameau and Make my Lemonade... Other brands such as Sézane or Sessùn have also released products at unbeatable prices up to less than 150 euros.