Shoes, like the dress and the tuxedo, are among the key pieces to perfect the wedding outfit. Because eyes will be riveted on the two main characters, they better be perfect from head to toe. How do I choose the shoes? Here are some important points to keep in mind.

Choose what's comfortable

Comfort is a very important criterion because we must not forget that these shoes will play a very big role. To begin with, you will be standing during the whole ceremony and during the photo shoots. Then, there will be the back and forth between the guests. To top it all off, you will have to set the dance floor ablaze. Whether they have high heels or are flat like sandals or sneakers, as long as you are comfortable in all your movements, they are the right pair!  All the same, keep in mind that the eyes will be fixed on your couple all day long. So make sure they're unique for that special day.

Treat yourself!

Since it's your wedding day, treat yourself! Set aside a few days in your planning to find the rare pearl. Don't put the brakes on your desires and don't limit yourself to classic outfits: if you like blue, buy a blue pair! You can express your personality through your shoes and there is no better time than the wedding to make it appear. To do so, search on the internet, visit all the ready-to-wear sites... In short, do everything to avoid having regrets when you choose it. It is important to know that the shoes to get married are as important as the outfits, so it is perfectly normal to set aside a budget.

A few tips

Before choosing the right pair, it is important to take into account the condition of the reception area: high heels will not go on a lawn or a slippery track! Then, once you have selected your pair, you will have to try it on for a few days before D-day. This test will be used to define if they will cause blisters or not. Finally, you can never be too careful! You'll have to be prepared for possible problems, so you'll have to put a plan B aside. It will be useful if, for example, you wear heels and have spare ballerinas in case you get tired, or at worst if your heels break along the way.