Published on : 15 June 20202 min reading time

Having a baby and getting married are among the most important events in a woman’s life. Some even go so far as to combine the two, taking the plunge with the man of their lives by getting pregnant! The dress is the highlight of the day. To choose the right dress in this case, you need to take these tips into account.

To make yourself comfortable

Getting comfortable is an important point to take into account because a pregnant woman is going through a lot of physical changes. If marriage is planned in the early months of pregnancy, there is no problem. Apart from that, the belly starts to show and the dressmaker will have difficulty adjusting your dress because of the weight and volume gain. You need to choose a cut that makes you feel comfortable, that doesn’t squeeze you on top of the hot flashes, and that is easy to pull up for the many pee breaks. Short or long, it doesn’t need a lot of embellishments because pregnant women are naturally sublime.

To make it simple

So it makes more sense to keep it simple. The “empire” model is the most interesting for this type of situation. It is a high waist fitted dress, to mark the chest. Then, you should leave the bottom with a flowing aspect: just close enough to the body to emphasize your state of mother-to-be, and lengthen it to avoid the “balloon” effect. Simplicity remains a very good option. You just need to draw attention to something else, like a top bustier for example! To complete the look, you have to go along with a very light make-up and an easy to do hairstyle.

Pregnant and glamorous!

A wedding dress for pregnant women can also be refined and unique. Many sites offer custom dresses that you will need to adjust when the time comes. From pastel to white, from laces to organza to chiffon, designers want their future clients to benefit from being the center of attention on this great day. It is entirely possible to wait until the last week before the D-day to pay for a custom-made one, to show the world how much pregnancy makes you look beautiful!