Are you looking for originality for your wedding meal? Yet you have a rather tight budget? A perfect solution is available to you: a food truck. You can do without the services of a traditional caterer. Whatever the theme: carnival, 50's spirit, hippie wedding, etc. opting for a food truck for your wedding is a better alternative that is both practical and economical.

What is a food truck?

The food truck comes from America and has been developing for a few years in France. It consists of fitting out small trucks to be able to cook food and sell it. To attract buyers, they are original and very colourful. If the food truck is successful, it is mainly because of the quality of the food it offers. Indeed, the recipes are refined and made with local and fresh products. Prepared on the spot, the dishes are real delights. They are served with the speed of fast food and sold at affordable prices. In the past, it was intended for workers' lunch breaks. Nowadays, the food truck is expanding its range. It is therefore inviting itself to various events such as weddings. It has become a very popular and original idea that continues to delight everyone.

What are the advantages of renting a food truck for a wedding?

Originality is the first advantage of renting a food truck for a wedding. You will surprise your friends and family with a reception out of the ordinary. In addition to this, this solution is also ideal to reduce the cost of your wedding while offering excellent gastronomic quality to your guests. The food truck is by far more affordable than the caterer because you don't have to pay for the service. With these food trucks, you are more free to choose the location of the reception. You are not at all forced to choose the classics such as reception or party halls. You can set them up wherever you want: in your garden, in a field, etc.

Pamper yourself with your choice of menu

Small price doesn't mean limited choice. The food truck even allows you to select a menu in your own image. You can treat yourself to food that is less conventional than that of a caterer. Fried chicken, tacos, grilled cheese, it's up to you to see what suits you. The food trucks also offer top-of-the-range options for the most demanding customers.