Wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so every detail counts. When it comes to making invitation cards, the DYI is now at the heart of all trends. To make this day special and dazzle your guests, opt for "handmade", a guarantee of originality and success. Still hesitating? Here are some good reasons to create your wedding invitations yourself.

Choosing a service provider or creating your wedding announcement?

Organising a wedding is not easy, it requires a certain amount of organisation. Preparations generally begin with the creation of invitation cards. For some people, using service providers is a guarantee of quality, but above all a way to lighten the preparations. However, the creation of invitations in DIY is a much more advantageous solution, and one that reduces expenses. You don't need to be a seasoned artist to have an inspiration that can sublimate your own design idea.

Endless possibilities for personalization

The main advantage of a handmade wedding announcement lies in its originality and its wide possibilities of personalization. The paper, the motifs, the colour and even the small details, everything can be customised to your liking. The DYI is also a good way to express your creativity, and to create an invitation template that suits you. Not to mention the sentimental value you will bring to it; your guests will be impressed by your expertise and dedication in organizing your wedding. The authenticity of the handmade invitation cards is such that you will be sure to create authentic pieces. Say goodbye to the classic invitations you are used to receiving at weddings and stand out with custom-made models!

Creating your wedding announcement: an economical solution

In addition to being able to personalize your wedding invitations, DIY saves you money. Indeed, the cost of designer invitations can be quite expensive, especially if they are very elaborate models. By making them yourself, you will be able to easily calculate the expenses necessary for their creation. It is also possible for you to recover some pieces and accessories from your old jewellery or in your closets for a better effect.