Are you planning to celebrate a happy event in the near future and plan to share it with your loved ones? With schedules getting tighter and tighter and more planned, you need to inform your guests as soon as possible. To do so, you have the option between the magnetized save the date and the magnetic announcement.

What is the save the date?

Save the date is an English term which means to set aside or reserve a day. This term is used to designate a type of announcement a little in advance. You have already fixed the date of your wedding that will take place in 1 year and you want to inform the future guests so that they don't plan anything on that date? Don't worry, it's never too early to send a save the date. A picture of your couple and a date is all you need. It tells your guests that a very special event will take place on the date you specify and they will be prepared for it. On the one hand, they will reserve that date for you, and on the other hand, you will be informed very early on of any unavailability, which will make planning easier. The magnetized save the date and the magnetized announcement of Monfairepart, will enchant all the events of your life and especially your wedding.

The latest in wedding invitations: the magnetized save the date

The magnetized save the date goes even further with the arrival of the magnetic version. From a utilitarian point of view, it is very effective for booking and reminding you of the date you have indicated. By placing it on the fridge or on your guests' task board, they won't soon forget your wedding. However, you shouldn't stop there for this magnetic announcement, as it offers other possibilities. Indeed, far from being cumbersome, the magnetized save the date is a decorative element in its own right. The joy of your couple in the photo, as well as the very distinctive and refined design of the inscriptions will immediately brighten up the interior decoration of your guests. It can even be used as a memorial, almost like a wedding photo.

The difference between an announcement and save the date

A magnetized save the date looks like a magnetic announcement except for a few points. The first one is primarily a way to reserve a date in order to block the guests' schedule. Even if you have not yet reserved a space and you do not know where you will perform the civil and religious ceremony, the save the date can be sent. The announcement is a confirmation in addition to the save the date. Indeed, the latter is the real invitation, which comes later indicating all the information that has not been exposed in the save the date.